Declaration of Muar Municipal Council was officiated by YAB Johor Chief Minister in 14th April 2001. Muar Municipal Council once known as Southern Muar District Council (Under the Local Government's Act, temporary allocation 1973) include 17 district which accommodates almost 230, 000 from various ethnic.



1903-1910 : Sanitary Board.

1921 : Town Board (Under Town Board Enactment 1911).

06.03.1952 : Bandar Maharani Town Council (Under Local Autorities Ordinance 1973).

01.08.1976 : Southern Muar District Council (Under Local Government's Act, temporaray provisions 1973).

01.01.2001 : Muar Municipal Council.

14.04.2001 : Declaration of Muar Municipal Council accomplished by YAB Johor Chief Minister.