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Muar is the only town in Malaysia which has its own railway system in the past known as Muar State Railways or MSR, operating only 4 years after the first railway in this country between Taiping and Port Weld opened in 1885. This train system from year 1889 to 1925, has linked Jalan Sulaiman in Bandar Maharani and Sungai Pulai at a distance of 22.5 kilometres.

Based on its features as light train, it is secluded from the train network in the Malay land at that time but there was a plan to extend platform up to Batu Pahat in 1916. However, that project was abandoned due to geographical and financial difficulty. 

This train service was profitable and has facilitate people and goods besides has encourage economic growth through opening of coconut plantations along the railway. However, it’s importance was reduced when Jalan Abdul Rahman that connects Bandar Maharani and Parit Jawa opens in 1918.

Furthermore, maintenance on old infrastructure is limited. The railway often ignored where the drainage system becomes unmanageable and destroyed the site rail. Apart from that, the absence of a concrete in the track construction has increased the defect rate where silt often occurs which result in a landslide.

A big fund needed to repair this train system. Burdened with financial problems and popularity decline, MSR's glory for 36 years ended in 1925. The remaining railway were gone when the site is replaced with the Jalan Temenggung Ahmad’s Road construction. MSR's locomotive displayed in Taman Tanjung Emas is the only heritage which proved MSR's existence in past.

It is believed the oldest’s locomotive in the country still in good condition, because the locomotive displayed at National Museum in Kuala Lumpur came from the latest model. Even though Muar was never become a capital or the largest town in Johor, the existence of the exclusive train network in Muar is comparable with LRT system of today; a facility even cannot be found in Kuala Lumpur Capital city at that time, is an extraordinary achievement.

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